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My name is Travis Farnsworth and I have over 10 years experience in collecting judgments here in California.

In the early 90's I was faced with a serious cash flow dilemma. The semiconductor business I owned incurred more than $400,000.00 of bad debt from customers defaulting on invoices. Unable to get these customers to voluntarily pay, I hired an attorney and we filed lawsuits and were awarded several judgments. Winning the lawsuits was easy, but collecting the judgments was a different story. I ended up going out of business. These judgment debtors had run off with all of my working capital and I was left with over $400,000.00 of uncollected judgments. I know first hand how bad debt can impact your business and your life.

Determined to make them pay, I set off to learn how I could enforce these judgments. I learned that while many attorneys were very skilled in litigation and winning the judgment, few attorneys had experience or knowledge in post judgment matters. It's a totally different ball game. The attorneys I found that did have experience in post judgment collections almost invariably required a large cash retainer up front and billed hourly rates with no guarantee that they could collect my judgments. I quickly realized that unless I wanted to pay those hefty hourly rates for an uncertain outcome, I was going to have to learn how to collect the judgments myself.

With a keen interest for the law and investigative research, I began to study the legal methods of collecting judgments. Over the years I have become highly skilled in the field of judgment enforcement. I was able to recover a significant amount of the money I was owed. The percentage that was uncollectible was primarily the result of a bankruptcy discharge where the debtor had insufficient assets to satisfy the judgment.

Realizing that statistically only about 20% of all judgments entered ever get collected, I founded Judicial Revenue Service and set off to help the 80% of our community who have been awarded a judgment and been unable to collect it. I know what it's like to be in that situation, and over the years I have learned and developed specialized techniques that are extremely effective in legally forcing the debtor to pay up.

Judicial Revenue Service collects judgments on a future pay basis. You will never have to pay exorbitant hourly rates. Our collection fee is based on a percentage of what we collect. If we are unable to collect the judgment we won't charge you at all! We get paid by the debtor only when we collect, so you can be sure we'll work hard to collect the judgment.


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