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So you went to court, a Judge ruled in your favor and awarded you a judgment.

Now what?

You're not alone! Statistically about 80% of all judgments awarded never get collected as collecting the judgment is often the most difficult part of winning a lawsuit. The court has the power to award you your judgment but you hold the responsibility to enforce it. Unfortunately, this leaves you with a piece of paper called a judgment, and the debtor is probably still refusing to pay just as they did before you sued them. This is the point where most judgment holders give up and have nowhere else to turn.

We at Judicial Revenue Service are here to help change those statistics. The good news is, your judgment is really a Court order to pay and we are highly skilled in the legal methods of enforcing that order. We have the capability to track down and pursue the debtor, even if they are in "hiding", and legally seize their bank accounts or other assets through the court, in order to satisfy the judgment. All this is done, too, without you ever having to confront the debtor.

In 1851, California adopted a body of laws from the New York Field Code, called the Practice Act of 1851. Chapter II of that Act codified several statutes dealing with enforcing judgments. Today the Enforcement of Judgment Laws ( EJL ) are part of our Code of Civil Procedure which evolved from the original Practice Act of 1851.

When applied correctly, these statutes provide for a wide range of aggressive remedies we utilize in enforcing judgments legally and effectively. Click here to learn more about some of our methods of judgment collection.

Judicial Revenue Service specializes in the enforcement of civil judgments, spousal and child support judgments, and criminal restitution orders. We have the expertise, resources, technology and most importantly, the persistence to successfully collect unpaid judgments.

Judgment Collection With Guaranteed Results, No Risks or Upfront Costs.

We guarantee our judgment collection results! There are no up front costs to you, and we only charge a fee when we are able to collect the judgment. Contact us today for a free consultation at 714-444-2538 or fill out our online submission form. Take charge now and get back the money you deserve!


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